Saturday, July 29, 2006

Modern legalism:

You have heard that it was said, 'you don't have to give money to homeless beggars because they'll just spend it on drugs and alcohol.'

But I say that we often receive grace only to spend it on sin, yet God continues to give it.


-Dave said...

Funny - back in the days when we walked to the river to feed the hungry, I remember somebody telling us it was foolish to give our money to a homeless man because he would just spend it on drugs and alcohol.

Then again, I'd be in far over my head if I was never allowed to change my views, and I really like the conclusion.

Kenny said...

By somebody, do you mean me? I'm sure at times I've said and thought this.

I think it's defensible to not give your money to homeless people if it's motivated out of love, i.e., 1) if you don't want them to hurt themselves with drugs/alcohol, or 2) if you honestly can say that it's a stewardship issue and you're money is prededicated to another cause.

But I do think that too often we use these ideas as fig leafs to cover our stinginess. And I don't think you get to claim 'stewardship' until you first can claim 'willingness.'

jose said...

I've enjoyed these 'you've heard it said... but I say.' Can you keep them up?

-Dave said...

Yes, you. But I've thought the same thing myself, too.

I think part of our problem is that willingness is easy... to claim.