Monday, July 09, 2007


Anglicanism turns out to be too hard to define. There's a lot of convolution about their church structures and so on. Anglicans were initially highly influenced by the 16th Century reformers, Calvins, Zwingli, and so on. Over time, there seems to have been a return to Catholic liturgical practices.

The stated reason for the existence of the Anglican church seems to be the belief that national churches should not be under the authority of the Pope.

Some distinctives: the "Crown" appoints Anglican clergy; The use of the Apocrypha.

Pros: wasn't C.S. Lewis an Anglican?

Primary half-baked critique: if I were to go looking for apostolic succession, the Catholic Church seems to have a significantly better claim to it than the Church of England.

An interesting quote: "For their part, those Evangelical (and some Broad Church) Anglicans who emphasise the more Protestant aspects of the Church stress the Reformation theme of salvation by grace through faith."

All this from wikipedia.

So far, I'm not too excited about Anglicanism.

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