Monday, August 27, 2007

Answered prayers?

Post your recent answered prayers, for the encouragement of others and the Glory of God.

About a month ago, I was thinking about how biblical discipleship seems to involve the discipler (e.g., Jesus) calling the disciple, and not the other way around. In the past I’ve sought out the people I wanted to mentor me (except for Larry, who I’ve mentioned before), but this time I prayed to God, “if you want me to be discipled, I’m just going to do nothing and wait until a someone calls me.”

About two days later, I received an e-mail from a man asking if I’d like to start meeting for discipleship.

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Anonymous said...

Before a meeting with a family member, an in-law I am not fond of,
I prayed that I would love him. I had the nicest time with him and his family and came away with genuine fondness for them. I am thankful to the Spirit's reconciling power.