Friday, November 02, 2007

God answers prayer

Earlier this week my wife and I were entrenched in a disagreement, and it was not getting better; in fact, our efforts seemed to be making it worse. But then we prayed, a few others prayed for us, and amazingly, in the middle of a conversation, something changed and things got immediately better. It was weird, and I take it as an answer to prayer.

(Tangent: it just occurred to me that "luck" is a far more dubious concept than "prayer".)

Post your own answered prayers or prayer requests.

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-Dave said...


My family has been praying, and we prayed at dinner one night at church, for a man at my parents' church.

He had a seemingly minor heart attack a week or so after my dad had his major attack. But while my dad made a swift and steady recovery, this man went from good to terrible. It had seemed that he may only have a week to live, as his heartbeat was erratic and his puls occasionally topped 200 to 300 beats per minute.

But we prayed, and the doctors found a different medicine that he did not have a bad reaction to. He went home a week ago.

This is on top of other answered prayers, such as my dad's surviving a heart attack that by many accounts should have killed him, or our church getting a free place to meet, and free office space (twice) despite having been told it was simply impossible.