Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Emergent Church:

I have yet to see anything compelling from it.

At best, I've just seen youthful evangelicalism.

At worst, I've seen it revel in post-modernism to the point of heresy.


jose said...

Do you make a distinction between Emergent and the "emerging church?"

I would say the return to an emphasis on service and social action is compelling.

jose said...

not to mention the move to dig into the our historical Christian faith and the desire to be continually reforming, though the latter has led some folks (like many who are part of Emergent) to heterodoxy or worse, heresy.

kennyching said...

My understanding was that Emergent and Emerging were largely synonymous, but that could be wrong.

I agree, J, that the emphasis on service is compelling, but I don't see that as distinctly "emergent." You could get there simply by being evangelical, which, of course you know because that's what your evangelical, non-emergent church is doing.

So, I don't mean I don't see "emergent Christians" doing anything compelling, but I don't see anything compelling flowing from the emergent component of their metanarrative :)

kennyching said...

Also, I think heterodox and heresy are synonyms.

-Dave said...

I've heard (well, from Jose) that the terms are in fact used differently.

I do, however, find the "don't put us in a box" youthful crowd putting themselves into a distict box in the process deliciously ironic.

Oh, man. When did I start thinking of younger Christians as "those young people?" I think that officially makes me old.