Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Job in Reno

For those of you in the Reno area, I’ve been offered a job which I plan to take. I’ll be starting on October 1 of this year. So, I’ll see you then!

I’m really excited about this, as it’s been a long-term desire on my part to get back to Reno. It’s taken quite a bit longer than I’d envisioned, and I haven’t lived in Reno full-time for six years. So, I’m really happy to be heading home.

However, I also want to recognize that my wife is making a huge sacrifice by accompanying me. She’s not from Reno, and for the past year we’ve been living in her hometown, where she’s been able to be with her family and also at her ideal job. So, I’m deeply thankful to her for sacrificing all of this.

It’s kind of a bitter-sweet thing because of this.

Nevertheless, I can’t wait to get back to seeing all you Reno-ites soon.


Ben said...

Sad day for us Lincolnites! Leaving before we hardly get to know you! I guess we'll have to take the time we get. But seriously, it's great for you to be able to be back in a place that is home for you.

theballroom said...

Yeah! It will be nice to have you back. We look forward to meeting your wife.

Ben said...

Does Erin have a job lined up?