Sunday, June 08, 2008

Centrality of the Gospel and Abortion

I think I have an idea about what the Gospel means for the political question of abortion. First, let me describe my understanding of Gospel logic. Simply, the Gospel tells me that in all things necessary, God is primarily and ultimately responsible for getting them done. The corollary is that in all things necessary, I am not primarily and ultimately responsible for getting them done.

Some of the corresponding results of this logic is that all glory goes to God, because he is responsible for everything necessary that gets done; all things necessary actually get done, because God is willing and able to do so and also defines what is necessary; I have joy and peace knowing that all necessary things will get done, and knowing that they will get done by someone (God) competent to do so and knowing that the most important things do not primarily and ultimately rest on me.

So, onto abortion. I assume that opposition to abortion is a necessary thing. However, it is clear that on my own, successfully opposing abortion will not get done. I think you can see where I’m going. The Gospel for the issue of abortion is that ultimately, God will successfully oppose abortion.

Since God will take care of the abortion issue, does that mean I should do nothing about it? Of course not. Consider that we know that God has and will completely accomplish and finish our salvation. This doesn’t mean we do nothing about our salvation; instead, what we do is place faith in God and ask Him to accomplish it, and then He empowers us to do whatever He asks, and in this power we 'walk by the Spirit', and to the extent we fail to do so, He gives us more grace.

So it is, I think, with our approach to abortion. First we recognize that Jesus is King, and he will ultimately assert and exert total dominion over every corner of creation, including all aspects of abortion. In this we can rest and trust. But that doesn’t mean we do nothing; in fact, God may very well use us to accomplish His will for abortion. We seek Him and His power on this issue, and see what He has for us to do. Then, by His power, we do His will. To some extent we will fail, but He gives us more grace, and we have peace and joy knowing that ultimately He will win the day.

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Ρωμανός ~ Romanós said...

Today is Pentecost in the Orthodox calendar. I know it isn't for you, and perhaps you don't take notice of "special days and seasons." Even though I'm Orthodox, to me "all days are equally holy."

From your blog I've seen you struggling with many different issues, such as this one, of abortion. As a civilisation, we have drifted so far from the natural order, even in our reasoning, that it seems hopeless to go back, hopeless to try to reason with others to go back, because we have all become little gods, or at least little philosophers, in our own right, standing on our rights. As C. S. Lewis wrote, we are no longer living in a society where, if the truth be proven in honest debate, the losing side admits its error, and life goes on with this truth intact and in effect.

Your conclusions in this post are, in my humble opinion, correct, as they apply to the circumstances we find ourselves in (as I described above). I wish we had not drifted so far from the natural order, but it's not mine to wish, but God's to see to it that His will be done.

Go with God, my brother, and fulfill His will for you, as He reveals it.