Monday, February 12, 2007

The hope of the nation...

I went to a retreat this weekend. This was the message, essentially: The nation is at a crossroads (presumably, with salvation to the right, and destruction the left). And the hope of the nations is....

...Christian lawyers.

And specifically Christian lawyers (doctors and clergy were specifically disclaimed from being the hope of the nation). Why? Because lawyers have power, and they can broker it for Jesus.

Any thoughts?

Does this sound like a really weird lawyer joke?


jose said...

So they hit you with the punchline, Christian lawyers are the hope of the nation. But you don't say what happened after the awkward silence that followed.

Ρωμανος ~ Romanós said...

The hope of the nation is Jesus Christ living in His people individually and collectively.

"Though laws were carved in marble
They could not shelter men,
Though altars built in parliaments
They could not order men…"
—Leonard Cohen

"So what if they tear down the 10 commandments in the courthouses! Who cares? The world wants us to fight them over it. It makes our message weak. Perhaps we should hand them the tools to do it instead. Let Christ not be written on materials of stone or buildings of rock and mortar, but on the soft flesh and hearts of all men that their names might be written in heaven in the Book of Life!"
—Brock Smith

Jeff said...

A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walked into a bar exam...

Kenny said...

So, I guess I kind of teed that one up for you guys.

"...walked into a bar exam..." is hilarious.

-Dave said...

Excellent quote by Smith.

I wish there were conferences telling me that the hope of the nation was Christian Economists. -sniff-

Ben said...

Dave - the hope of the nation is Christian Economists.

At some point I need to blog about Jesus and the Samritan woman by the well and what this has taught me about relating to outcasts versus seeking power.