Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Do you like your job?

Things I like about being a lawyer: talking to people, writing, reasoning, making good arguments, lots of jobs.

Thinks I don't like about being a lawyer: sitting at a desk all day not talking to anyone, research, helping one person attack another person, feeling like a pretentious pariah when I tell people I'm a lawyer, long books full of rules.

What are the pros and cons to your occupation?


-Dave said...

Economist's opinion:

It's an interesting job. Having access to all sorts of data, which I independently process and try to draw conclusions about the economy-at-large. It requires independent judgement, and the ability to draw conclusions out of the data and being able to back them up. I like having a job where I can give people answers to their questions, where I can serve the public, and that I can be confident will exist for as long as I want it. I enjoy the challenge of digging up information, the thrill of seeing my numbers used in the news, and the ability to set my own pace.

It can become tedious. I don't talk to others much, and the background noise in the office is generally no more than clicking keys - if my roommate is working nights, I could go days without speaking a single word aloud. It's a state job, and there's an element of political/budgetary positioning and posturing - of departments existing merely to perpetuate themselves.

I like my occupation. And I like my job, though the two are not synonymous (occupation = type of work: cook, lawyer, economist, airline pilot. job = your specific employment: economist with R&A Bureau, service pastor at Coram Deo, etc. Dealing with employment numbers for a living, I like to see the terms used appropriately).

jose said...

Working with people. Working in my passion, that is, music. Flexible hours.

Working with people. Working in what is my passion. It's easy to just keep working and forget to punch out.