Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm a big fan of Christians:

To me they've been the body of Christ, a nourishing context within which to know God.


jose said...

I sang Derek Webb's "The Church" at SBC once.

I discussed with the staff and subsequently nixed the verse likening the Church to a "harlot and a whore" because it might offend someone.

I must like to rebuke the Church too much because songs like that and praises like yours prick my conscience.

-Dave said...

The church is an interesting contrast. On the one hand, it is the body of Christ on Earth, against which the gates of hell cannot stand. On the other hand, it is composed of those who abuse the grace of God, who run to law and license, who celebrate a man who married his father's wife, who are wont to go astray in countless ways, even with the memories of Christ crucified and raised again still fresh in their minds.

I suppose it's like a conductor who leads a perfect symphony despite none of the instruments being tuned properly, with a fair share of players actively seeking to subvert the will of said composer, and still more who couldn't care much less how they are instructed to be playing.

jose said...

"who run to law and license"

someone put that in a song

-Dave said...

I would, but every time I try, the only tune that comes to mind if "My Darling Clementine"