Monday, April 21, 2008

Chess, News

Anyone like chess? I’ve been playing at this site, and what’s cool about it is you can play games very slowly, like one move per three days (or whatever). This makes it so you can be involved in a chess game without committing an hour at a time to playing it:

If anyone signs up, let me know.


I’ve stopped listening to and reading the news. I don’t feel as if I’m missing much, and my mind definitely feels more peaceful, not because the news is upsetting, but just because the data overload had been getting to me.


Ben said...

I have to do the same thing with blogs as you are doing with the news (I mainly get what news I receive from blogs). I've instituted a personal blog Sabbath every Sunday and also do it intermittently every month or so. It really can make a substantial difference.

Ben said...

That was Lincoln Ben. This is Atlanta Ben.

Funny, I find listening to the news to be exhilarating. I love learning, whether it be about ancient theologians or current politicians. What I need a break from to find peace is my work and responsibilities. I've never been a very practical person.

And I've never had the patience or the strategic mind for chess.

kennyching said...

Interestingly, I can tell pretty well which Ben is which, just by tone.

I actually have a strong, native love for the news. Afterall, I was a newspaper journalist before I was a lawyer. Even more telling, when I was in high school, I used to skip class and go to a coffee shop and read the S.F. Chronicle.

I think part of my cynicism about the news comes from both long-term observation of the news as well as professional experience in the news. There really is just an industry of pumping out information to read, which presses on without regard to whether the information is really meaningful.

That said, I still like the news and have nothing serious against it. I'm just finding it's more than my mind can happily handle. Lately, I've been just thinking non-stop about some things, and the news just takes up too much RAM.

Anonymous said...

I'm too afraid to play chess anymore. Chess grandmasters purportedly think ahead 20+ moves. Sometimes I can't even think ahead one and ended making stupid mistakes all the time. I'd rather get my tail whipped at basketball.

Kenny said...

I have the funniest group of friends: the highly intelligent who won’t play chess. Whatev, chess is old school.

Anyway, I also read just this weekend that the players who “see” 20 moves ahead spend an hour per move. So that’s just kind of lame.