Thursday, April 17, 2008

Everybody loves quizzes, especially if they’re about your Bible hermeneutic:

By the way, for any of you who may think otherwise based on my various posts, the quiz says I'm still a conservative!


-Dave said...

While I'm staunchly moderate.

You stuffy old wind-sock, you. Free your mind! Or... something.

kennyching said...

I'm sorry, Dave, but I really feel like I'm going to have to report you to E-Free headquarters...

-Dave said...

I'm sure I got off on a bad foot when I said the Bible arose from God-inspired authors in a community setting. It didn't perfectly describe how I would describe myself, but it was the closest.

When it got to tattoos,the Sabbath, and meat sacrificed to idols, any points I gained with a literal reading of Hosea were obliterated.

Ben said...

I'm a moderate....just barely. 55 when the lowest possible score for a moderate is 53.

Really, I was all over the map on my answers. Showing that (a) I'm wildly inconsistent and/or (b) I hadn't thought through some of those issues. (Seriously, tattoos had never even occurred to me as a Biblical issue. I was just kinda winging it in my answer and can't even remember what I put.)

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-Dave said...

It feels rather odd to be the most moderate score of the three. I did a qick pass-through again, and scored the same (I probably had more 3s this time, and fewer 2/4s, but they must have offset).

59. If you answer every question with a 3, you'd be 60. I'm a tick towards conservatism away from a down-the-line #3 reading.

So how did I fall so much more evenly moderate in this reading than two reasonable men who are politically more liberal than I? If nothing else, this confirms Ben's observation that left/right aren't such hot labels to be applied universally to politics and religion.

kennyching said...

Yeah, I took it again and scored 47, still conservative.

It would be interesting to take this quiz as a group and discuss differences.

When I think of Left and Right, I don't think strictly of politics. I think of "liberal" and "conservative," which represent a spectrum in any discipline. I guess there's probably overlap between disciplines, where Republicans tend to be theological and economic conservatives simultaneously.

I don't really think of myself as liberal, and my wife (who is actually liberal) definitely doesn't think of me that way. I tend more toward playing devil's advocate, so when I start hearing about market solutions I like to poke at some of the underlying assumptions, and when I hear leftist rhetoric, I tend to ask 'what about market solutions?' So, yes, I'm just into being a pain.

-Dave said...

I don't think you're liberal, either. I do, though, think (though I may be wrong) that you're more liberal than I.

So I managed to score 12 points more liberal than you. You averaged a response of 2.35, while I averaged 2.95. There's a small enough margin there that a preference for 2 over 3 on less than half the questions would pull your score down. I scored a lot of 3's because I didn't see the scale as a very effective one-to-five spectrum on many questions, but the 3 position generally had an appropriately balanced view.

Which is to say, I think it's the quiz's fault - not mine. On their scale, an average of 3.25 is enough to classify as liberal while a 2.6 score is the cutoff for conservative.