Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where was Ravi Zacharias when God pierced the leviathan's nose?

I think the intellectual person should know their own limits, especially when it comes to intellectually understanding God. A simple formula: If God is infinite and our minds are finite, there must come a point when we fail to completely understand God. And I think this is a better way to approach the Trinity or the hypostatic union than trying to contrive an argument for every instance in which the divine strains our faculties.

This isn’t an excuse for not thinking through the things that we are able to. But it is to suggest the Maker of heaven and earth will probably not be impressed with a syllogism: “You see, sir, there was this Problem of Pain, and I figured that if You were all powerful, and all good, then…”


Ben said...

Is Ravi questioning God that you would throw the old Job-ism at him?

I laughed at your title for my blog.

Kenny said...

No, I like Ravi; I respect and enjoy his work, and I give him props. I just think that at certain points being an intellectual won't get you there. Nice catch, though, on the Job reference.

-Dave said...

But what if God is not infinite, but simply different from everything else in the Universe? At what point does "we just can't understand" become an excuse, instead of a real barrier? As physicists try to explain the nature of matter as it exists in 11 dimensions, I realize that the line might be further away than many of us think.